The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
The interview was published in the “Modna Bielizna” Magazine.

Over the past twenty-six years, Polish lingerie manufacturers have gone through a long and tough way to meet their female customers’ demands, especially from their home market. They have spent a long time analysing every aspect in detail which the “super bra” has to meet.

I think that the enormous amount of work, combined with the passion and great humility of Polish producers, deserves recognition not only from our industry, but also from Polish female consumers. I will present a few examples, which I hope will illustrate what I mean. In Opole, the first workshop for ” large-busted women” took place in the “pre-brafitting” era which started a new market trend and showed the real needs of customers. The inspiration for the meeting was the lack of appropriate sizes on shop shelves. Dalia, a brand from Małopolska, made the effort (completely for free) to sew over a dozen of bras, which differed significantly in size from the sad off-the-shelf standards. Another Polish manufacturer – Corin, in cooperation with doctors and engineers, undertook a research project and the results showed the enormous impact of the right bra on our health.

Alles has spent many years creating several lines of lingerie dedicated to women at different stages of life and with different needs – for nursing mothers, post-mastectomy women, as well as lingerie for small, medium and large breasts of all ages. Often as a brand they take part in many charity events and support them.

Kris Line has never been afraid of challenges, thanks to which it sewed one of the largest bra sizes for a lady whose breasts were over 2 metres in circumference. Today, this client has now had her bust resized, as her health had been severely affected by the size of her breasts. However, while she was struggling with her problem, she got professional help and support from the right people.

Konrad – the brand which also played an important role. Without the help of its professional staff there would not be many happy and well-dressed women. It was Konrad who spent a lot of time on individual modifications aimed at adjusting the design to the clients’ needs. Over the years many of them were introduced to regular collections.

Unfortunately, Polish manufacturers have never had enough funds for relevant media advertisements. This is because they are usually family-run businesses that focus on high quality products. Thus, they did not reach the awareness of Polish female customers, who chose popular foreign brands known from posters. Hence my call to the shops: take another look at the market offer of our manufacturers and honestly assess their value. Pay attention to the high level of workmanship, the quality of the material and, in particular, the wide range of available designs.

Unfortunately, I have the impression that Polish manufacturers are valued more outside our country. We should be the first to support them, so that our country can develop and provide jobs for its citizens. Otherwise, we’ll all lose out on it. Often, when we reach for imported products, we fool ourselves into thinking that they are better and more prestigious. In my opinion, no one will understand the needs of a Polish woman better than the domestic manufacturer. Despite globalisation, the culture of wearing a bra (and needs it is supposed to fulfil) is very diverse all over the world.

Each country approaches the subject differently, other aspects are important. Therefore, it is hard to expect that a single manufacturer will satisfy women’s needs all over the world. I believe that only companies that are closely linked to their country and always open to new underwear challenges can cope with this task completely.