Home Hospice for Children in Opole

The only place like this, where everyone is waiting for you from the very beginning, both ready to help and to accept even the smallest donation for the most needy and vulnerable children.

Home Hospice for Children in Opole is a real piece of heaven on earth.

The entire team working every day with families from the entire Opole voivodship are angels who support extraordinary families who smile all the time, are full of joy and strength that sometimes exceeds human capabilities.

It is an honour to have contact with them and to be able to help them. Eight years ago I met on my way a wonderful woman Sylwia, who invited me into the world of DHD for children and my life changed dramatically. In this daily rush, we often forget to enjoy the little things and appreciate what we have. That’s why I think that helping inspires and it’s worth doing it whenever we can….

From the heart for the heart for D.H.D.

In a heartbeat for D.H.D.

Charity for women


The headquarters of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) brings together extraordinary people with warm hearts and open minds around the world to work together, bringing love and good. WOŚP is much more than the biggest fundraising event for people in need – it is a state of mind.


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