“From the beginning, the main idea of my company has always been to meet the individual needs of women.”

The most important thing in our daily work is not to leave any client alone in the fitting room. All are treated very individually. Showing the options that are available and tailored specifically to the individual bust.

Professional bra fitting and the customer’s well-being.

We always follow the principles of professional bra fitting and a client’s interest. It even happened to me several times not to sell a bra to a woman, because she insisted on a size which was too small – not accepting her actual size. Of course, the customer is always right, but not when she can hurt herself.

Promotional and marketing actions

We often organise promotional and marketing actions, where customers share their opinions on the products they wear, both positive and negative, and participate in the process of creating new designs.

Wide range of sizes

Treating bra fitting as a challenge and a mission to help women, we managed to expand our size range over time, as the number of ladies with individual needs grew year by year. At the beginning the “e” cup size was the largest, today the “o” is generally available. This is how, by working together, customer + shop + manufacturer have resulted in production in several niche areas:

  • pregnant and breastfeeding women,
  • post-mastectomy women,
  • small-breasted,
  • large-breasted,
  • non-standard women with various breast deformities and asymmetries.

Helping every client

We are always open to new challenges in the lingerie field and always ready to give advice on issues impossible to solve at first sight. The most beautiful thing is happiness on faces of women, who leave our shops in bras tailored to their expectations. Thanks to them they feel feminine, sensual and comfortable and their mood changes significantly.

We would like to thank you for being with us for 20 years and we hope that you will stay with us.

Małgorzata Kazimierczyk
The founder of the brand

Małgorzata Kazimierczyk

My brafitting in practice
with Kamila Świerc (Miss Poland 2017)

Part 2: Too big bowl and wrong design
Part 3: The possibilities of necklines and their use in everyday life
Part 4: Trends, application vs. comfort and needs


Our brafitters

Małgorzata Kazimierczyk
Małgorzata Kazimierczyk
(The owner and a brafitter)
Barbara Stec
Barbara Stec
(A sales assistant and brafitter)
Magdalena Biesiada
Magdalena Biesiada
(A sales assistant and brafitter)
Aleksandra Ryńska
Aleksandra Ryńska
(A sales assistant and brafitter)


What do our customers say?

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Urszula (Google Opinion)

Always friendly and helpful staff who "have a good eye" and can advise on the right cut. The choice and quality of products is excellent. I strongly recommend 😀.

Małgorzata (Google Opinion)

Great, professional service. Top level!!!!

Sylwia (Google Opinion)

Super nice service, the ladies do their job 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Kasia (Google Opinion)

The best lingerie shop I know. Full professionalism, nice and professional customer service. You always come back here. I recommend! Every lady is pampered here and leaves with a smile on her face!

Joanna (Google Opinion)

A large selection of beautiful lingerie, I was looking for maternity lingerie, a very nice lady redirected me to the second shop, where they had larger selection of lingerie (a visit there, of course, ended with a purchase 🙂 ) I recommend!!!