Amazons – Women after mastectomy

Remember – you are strong, beautiful and invincible.

Professor Józef Tischner said “the place of a man is where freedom acquires its full meaning”.

Every woman at the moment of diagnosis – breast cancer – first of all worries about her life and health. The questions arise: what about my marriage, family and social life? Will I still feel like a fulfilled woman with so many dreams and life ahead?

A mastectomy is one of many treatments for breast cancer. It leaves scars and may cause the loss of the organ that is considered a symbol of femininity and motherhood.

The “half woman complex” appears. Then, the support of family, husband and friends is as important as rehabilitation. A very important element of rehabilitation is the choice of a suitable prosthesis, which covers up the lack of breast in an aesthetic way and influences not only the emotional state of a woman but also health issues. The lack of a proper prosthesis leads to: slouching, winged scapula, lowering or lifting a shoulder. It must be selected by a professional, with regard to its weight, size, shape, texture, the type of a scar and even a colour.

Every woman tries to dress appropriately to the situation. A woman’s illness and the fact that she is wearing a breast prosthesis should not prevent her from participating in social life, society or sport. The range of underwear therefore includes specialised bras for different occasions, tops, T-shirts and swimwear.

The choice of appropriate medical underwear is equally important. The products offered in a variety of constructions have suitably sewed pockets on both sides, which firmly hold the prosthesis and allows to move comfortably. Post-mastectomy lingerie not only meets the technological requirements but is also modern, beautiful and feminine.

The width of the straps is adapted to the size of the bust and the weight of the prosthesis and they are also adjustable at the back to reduce tension in shoulders and prevent lymphedema. All edges are elasticised with a special tape to make it fit tightly. It also has an additional wide elastic side panels for extra support (extra support at the cup), a four-rows adjustable fastener and a higher central seam (neckline) ensure safe positioning of the prosthesis.

Raw materials and additives complying with the Oeko-Tex standard 100 are used for production. Therefore the products are trustworthy because harmful substances are tested. Antibacterial finish allows for longer hygiene and prevents the growth of bacteria.