Mothers and daughters

Over the last 20 years, the process of puberty among young girls has shifted considerably.

In extreme cases, it even starts at the age of 8. It is important not to be guided by the principle “You are still too young…”. Having daughters, we have to be very perceptive and notice the changes in their physical development in time.

Remember that from the beginning till the end of puberty we can shape a girl’s body through the right underwear. The choice of the right bra is then the most important, as it influences the firmness, position and shape of the breasts.

Due to the frequency of underwear changes, which depends on the rate of breast growth, do not buy more than two bras at the time. Always choose the fuller constructions (with pull-out pads). Because you can remove the pads and you will be able to use a bra longer.

Do not forget about well fitted underwear for your daughters, as it will have a big influence on the condition of their breasts and thus also their health and psychological well-being.

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