Take care of your breasts during workout!

Physical activity is a way to not only a beautiful shape, it is a way of life.

A daily dose of exercise not only protects us from the so-called civilisation diseases, but also ensures our well-being, gives us energy and provides us with a dose of endorphins, so much needed during the autumn blues.

Not all of us have to be like Ewa Chodakowska. The right sport discipline should be chosen according to individual preferences, possibilities and interests.

A woman who enjoys activity and movement must remember about appropriate protection of breasts while doing sport.

How to do it?

By wearing a correctly fitted sports bra. Its primary function is to immobilise the breasts. Limiting their movement in order to minimise the risk of jolts and overloading when exercising. According to sports scientists from the University of Portsmouth a supportive sports bra absorbs vibrations and reduces the movement of the breasts by 74%, compared to a standard bra which reduces it only by 38%.

Made up of skin and a network of connective tissue strands called Cooper’s ligaments, the breasts are very delicate and stretch during intense movement and physical activity.

As a result, the bust loses its firmness and elasticity, becomes saggy and even deformed. Unfortunately, this is an irreversible process, because once the tissue is stretched it does not return to its previous shape – that is why exercising in a sports bra is so important.

A good sports bra has a very wide underbust band and straps and is made of thicker foam material – thanks to this, it provides stabilisation for your breasts and prevents them from stretching. In addition, it shapes them, gives them the right form and brings them closer to each other, which allows your arms to move easily during workouts.

It is worth knowing that the material from which the bra is made of, despite being thick, it is breathable and quick-drying. The right choice of sports bra is as important as the choice of everyday underwear.