Shaping underwear vs. tightening underwear!

We women often change physically, because many situations can lead to changes.

First we lose weight, then we put on weight. We live in a state of constant rush and stress, and we try to cope with all our responsibilities, both professional and private.

We systematically change our wardrobe, but we are reluctant to part with clothes in smaller sizes. We constantly chase the ideal shape. Especially when an important event is approaching, such as a wedding, communion, anniversary or a class reunion after many years.

This is when shaping and tightening underwear become priceless. Today, I am going to share with you an essential difference between levelling and smoothing out minor imperfections and magically reducing your size by one or even two down.

Shaping lingerie usually levels out minor imperfections and smooths our bodies. It is made of a single laser-finished microfibre. Below I will present several models for women of various builds and for different occasions:

1. A slip is proposed more often for ladies who prefer dresses as an everyday and occasional outfit. This model works well for women who are taller.

2. Body is the most popular form in the shaping lingerie segment and it is dedicated to ladies of medium height and shorter. It is also suitable for everyday use.

3. High or low-waist briefs are very suitable for women after childbirth, because the excess skin that remains after pregnancy is firmly held inside. However, remember that we can use this shaping option 2 weeks after natural childbirth and 2 months after C-section. When choosing the right form of knickers we must take into account the width of our hips and the amount of excess body in a particular part of our belly.

The entire range of shaping underwear can be used all year round.

Tightening underwear is made of special two-layer microfibre, which can magically reduce our size by up to two down. It also comes in several versions, such as: body, slip, high and low-waist briefs.

The important information is that women with large bust size love to wear bodysuits with bras on a daily basis, as it also forces the correct body posture and reduces the strain on the spine. However, you must keep in mind that tightening underwear is not suitable to wear in summer, because due to the thicker material it is made of, it causes increased sweating and it may even cause a woman with higher blood pressure to faint.

Tightening underwear is indeed wonderful, but it should be used in moderation.

To sum up the difference between shaping underwear and tightening underwear, it is mainly based on what we want to achieve by wearing it. In the case of shaping underwear, we smooth out our body and eliminate small folds. Wearing tightening underwear, on the other hand, will make you much slimmer.

The choice is always yours.