Myths and the Truth! Dos and don’ts when you have breasts.
1. SMALL – ignore it and wear bras of any kind, because it does no harm. Any pressure caused by too big, too wide – simply the wrong bra always leads to various changes inside the breasts.

2. MEDIUM – limit it with one favourite cut, not choosing others, because it’s not for me. You have the most options in your sector as many designs will serve you.

3. LARGE BUST – trying to make it smaller due to lack of acceptance of the size. All sorts of flattening and squeezing breasts has a huge impact on the cardiovascular system, breast pain, and development of changes inside the breasts, e.g. lipomas, which was proved in great detail by our Polish lingerie manufacturer Corin.

4. BUST DURING PREGNANCY AND FEEDING – underestimate it, because it is beautiful and firm anyway. Nothing could be further from the truth, as it gets heavier while feeding and going without a bra exposes it to a loss of firmness later on. Strands of connective tissue inside breasts are delicate and can be damaged by heavy loads. In addition, not paying attention to a cup that is too small, fabric or wire compression can cause the milk ducts to clog – creating blockages. However, sleeping in a bra during pregnancy concerns only women with large breasts not everyone.

5. BUST AFTER MASTECTOMY – you must not give up a beautiful and good bra, because it is no longer important. You are not condemned to ordinary and unattractive underwear. Remember true femininity is in you. Always be demanding and choose bras that suit your taste, with room for a prosthesis, of course. The range of lingerie for Amazons is sensual and rich in colour.

6. SPORTS BRA – should immobilise the breasts. Limiting their movement will minimise the risk of jolts during sports. Even small loads often cause damage to the cooper ligaments, which directly affect the loss of firmness. Remember that a sports bra absorbs vibrations and breast movement by up to 74%, while an ordinary bra only 38%.

7. WEDDING LINGERIE – comfort and pragmatism versus fashion and trends. When choosing underwear for your wedding dress you often wonder whether you should choose a corset or a bra. Remember that a lingerie set is more practical and you will use it later. A corset, on the other hand, is definitely more effective, but usually only for this occasion. What is important here is the type of wedding dress, and most of all its thickness in the upper part. I would not recommend buying a corset if the wedding dress has inbuilt corset. You cannot even imagine yourselves wearing a double corset.

Undoubtedly, the season in which you intend to get married is also important. Autumn and winter, and even early spring, can be a good time to wear a corset. In the summer you must take into account that it is better to choose lighter underwear because of the temperature. In fact, the most important thing is that the lingerie you wear gives you lots of sensations and unforgettable moments at every stage of your life. Remember that underwear is like a second skin, so it has to be comfortable, but it should also be a reflection of your personality.

Accept yourself as you are, and you will always be beautiful, because true beauty comes from the inside…