How to take good care of your bust

Women are rarely aware of the fact that a bra is not only erotic lingerie, but most importantly a part of clothing ensuring health and comfort.

Along with Mrs Małgorzata Kazimierczyk, a specialist in lingerie fitting and the owner of the “Świat Bielizny MARGOT” shop in Opole, we have decided to change it. Specially for you, Dear Readers, we are going to reveal the secrets of properly fitted bras and breast care.

– Małgorzata, newspapers and internet websites claim that a large number of women cannot properly fit a bra. Is this true? What is your impression?

Małgorzata Kazimierczyk – Yes, it’s true. In the past as many as 90% of my clients used to wear ill-fitting bras. Now, this number has decreased to around 70%. I try to educate women. Moreover, they also search for various important information themselves, e.g. on the Internet. I have also noticed that they are more and more aware when it comes to choosing underwear. They pass it on to their daughters, and at the same time they have greater control over what underwear they wear. This makes the situation better year by year.

– What mistakes do women make when choosing a bra?

M.K. – This is a very individual issue. Women with small breasts wear bras with a large push-up, i.e. those bras with the most extensive profile visible from under the top. Unfortunately, ladies then stop paying attention to the circumference. On the other hand, ladies with large breasts make the mistake of trying to push them into small bras. They often do not know about the wide range of sizes. So they buy the biggest bra available, which is usually too small. They also usually choose the largest circumference in order to get the largest bowl possible. The result – breasts coming out from the bottom, side, top, literally from every side.

– How can a woman determine the right size of a bra by herself?

M.K. – A woman can measure the circumference herself. However, without at least one visit to a specialist she is not able to know the correct size of her bust. In order not to make a mistake and to assess the bra size correctly, it is necessary to take into account all the bust parameters and to know exactly, at which point the breast starts. The beginning of the breast should always be gathered from under the armpit all the way to the inside of the cup.

– What are the health consequences of wearing the wrong bra?

M.K. – The most common consequences of wearing the wrong bra include headaches and subsequent back pain. The weight of breasts acts upon the spine, so a poorly fitted bra may cause its degeneration. Other inconveniences include various kinds of inflammation, swelling, loss of bust firmness. Of course, these are long-term processes.

– A well-fitted bra guarantees your well-being and health. There are probably plenty of advantages…

M.K. – Yes. First of all, beautiful, healthy looking and firm breasts. Better blood circulation, which results in properly blood-supplied breasts. The lack of pressure on the breasts reduces the risk of cancer.

– Now let’s talk about nursing mums’ breasts. During pregnancy and afterwards, the breasts change their shape and size during lactation. A good bra is an essential part of every breastfeeding mum’s wardrobe. What kind of bras should be worn at this time so that they are not harmful and comfortable to use?

M.K. – Breasts during lactation are heavy with breast milk, they are very beautiful, firm. During this time you need to take special care of them. Women with big breasts should sleep in a bra, whereas ladies with smaller breasts also may do it if they want to. However, you should remember not to sleep in an underwire bra, which can compress the breasts. During the day, on the other hand, you should wear an elastic underwire bra (especially with larger breasts), as this increases the firmness of your breasts and holds them at the right level.

– I would like to raise one more very important issue, which is breast cancer. The removal of breasts is a very common consequence of treatment. Are there any bras on sale for women who have had a mastectomy? Can women with such a problem still choose the right bra so that they feel comfortable and feminine?

M.K. – Of course. The division into categories is the same as in regular bras. In all of them there is a pocket inside, in both left and right cup (so that there is a possibility of inserting a left or right prosthesis). There is also a division into bras for women who have had their breasts cut out only partially (without lymph nodes) and for those who have had their breasts cut out with lymph nodes. According to this division, a suitable product is chosen so that every woman is satisfied and feels comfortable.

– To sum up our conversation – what message would you like to convey to women?

M.K. – Dear ladies, take care of your breasts every day and remember about prevention. When taking a bath, use circular motions to check for any lumps or bumps. Exercise to keep your breasts firm. Creams are not enough! Find beauty in yourself and accept yourself as you are. Nurture this acceptance, because each of you is unique.

– Thank you


Polish manufacturers offer cup sizes from “A” up to “O”. However, the circumference size starts already:
from 60 cm to 135 cm.


Stretching exercise with the use of expander (exercise spring) – stretch your arms out in front of you, hold the expander in your hands and stretch it with both hands to the sides.

Stand straight and stretch your arms out in front of you. Swing them alternately (one up, one down).

Fold your arms at chest height and press your palms together. You can do this exercise while reading a book or watching TV.

Practice every day for 15 minutes.